Brand Refresh
Art Direction
Email Templates
Social Media
Brand Guidelines
2017, 2020
Role: Creative Director
Agency: Transport NY
Client: Bonobos
Designers: Lucia Jang
Art Director: Tida Tep
Addt’l Creative Directors: Andy Gray, Rockwell Harwood
Video: Matt Jones, Christian Hogstedt
Photography: Dana Skruggs, Christian Hogstedt
Photography:Ben Alsop, Nagi Sakai
Production Designer: Stephanie Serpick  


I first consulted with Bonobos in 2017 as Interim Creative Director working closely with their then CMO and president Micky Onvural to reshape the brand's look and feel. In 2019, after launching Transport NY, we were once again engaged to help codify and build on the brand work and gain creative alignment across the organization. Our scope included everything from wordmark, color palette and brand fonts to clothing labels, email templates, and consumer packaging. Also, as Bonobos agency of record, we helped to oversee and build out their creative team and manage day-to-day creative operations.

Looking back to go forward

When I first joined Bonobos, the brand had been a few too many places. It had adopted five different brand identities in ten years, experienced turnover among Creative Directors, and conducted experiments that left them unsure of their identity and voice. In order to move forward, I spent some time with Andy Dunn to better understand why he started the brand in the first place. We then distilled this understanding into three pillars: better fits, amazing service, and custom patterns. 

Gaining alignment

After completing the branding project, I was re-engaged to assist in creating a brand book. This document served as an essential tool in fostering internal alignment on key aspects such as photography style, brand language, and voice. By compiling comprehensive guidelines into a single document, internal teams gained clarity and consistency in their approach to representing the brand, particularly in photography and video creation. 

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