Agency: Instrument
Role: Designer / Creative Director
Addt’l Creative Directors: JD Hooge, Jack De Caluwé


In 2022, I worked closely with Instrument’s founder, JD Hooge, and internal Creative Directors on the early stages of a re-branding project for the design agency. As a full-scale re-branding effort, we examined every aspect of the brand, from the wordmark to the website to company signage and everything in between. I transitioned off the project, and Instrument’s team continued to build upon that work, creating custom typefaces and further refining the early-stage concepts I helped develop.

Agency: Siegel + Gale
Role: Designer / Creative Director
Addt’l Creative Directors: Jason CK Miller

From August to March 2021, I worked with Siegel + Gale in New York to rebrand the U.S. Army. The challenge was to create a visual identity and typographic system that works on a very large scale across different use cases. I worked through the early stages of the project, helping develop type styles, design elements, and social executions. Once the concept was approved, the internal team within Siegel + Gale carried out the final executions.

Completed In-House at Oscar
Role: Designer / Creative Director
CMO: Ivan Wicksteed
In early 2019, I collaborated closely with Oscar's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) on a series of brand refresh studies. The primary objective of this exercise was to incorporate more vibrant colors, distinct typography, and refined brand language that relied less on external illustrations. Additionally, we aimed to humanize the brand identity and fully embrace its human name.

Completed at Mother
Role: Designer / Design Director

Custom wordmark for Zaha Hadid’s first NY construction. As the first female architect to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Zaha Hadid was a force to be reckoned with. In honor of her legacy and the building’s location amongst Chelsea’s art galleries, the branding and positioning both reflect her significance in the art world and her high-end, minimalist style. 

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